Mosul Mosaic

Mosul, Iraq

Amount $ 2.2

Years 2019 - 2020

Operator Multiple operators

Type of grant Call for projects

(c) La Guilde européenne du Raid
(c) ArchiMedia Trust Onlus
Al Rabiya Mosque (c) Archi.Media Trust Onlus
Mar Toma Church (c) Oeuvre d'Orient
Al Tahira Church (c) Oevure d'Orient

The Old City of Mosul holds a rich and unique heritage, representing a cultural and religious diversity that dates back millennia, but which suffered damage between 2014-17 when it was under the control of Daesh. ALIPH's Mosul Mosaic program aims to rehabilitate different places of worship, each one representing an aspect of the city's religious diversity. Together, these projects contribute to the UNESCO initiative "Reviving the Spirit of Mosul."

The Mosul Mosaic projects share the objective to once again make these revered monuments accessible to the local population. The methodology for them is threefold: collaboration with local authorities and communities, site preparation including mine clearance, and building reconstruction.