Restoration of Four Emblematic Buildings in the Historic Neighbourhood of Murad Khani in Kabul

Kabul, Afghanistan

Amount $ 239.2K

Years 2021 - 2022

Operator Turquoise Mountain in cooperation with the Kabul Municipality and Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture

Type of grant Call for projects

Turquoise Mountain
Turquoise Mountain

Established in the 18th century, Murad Khani is one of the few remaining historical neighborhoods in Kabul. It has sustained a significant amount of damage due to fire, neglect, and seismic activity. The goal of this project is to restore four historic buildings: the Aziz Hajji Mohammad House - a private house adjacent to a shrine, two places of worship - Shia Takiakhana, Imam Zaman Takiakhana, and a hammam. The buildings are examples of traditional architecture combining mud walls, carved wooden frames, and intricate plaster decoration. They were selected because of their importance to the local population as places of social and religious gatherings. The project provides training in traditional construction methods, plasterwork, tile making, roofing techniques, and woodcarving to 100 workers of various levels of expertise.