Safeguarding the Historic Citadel of Heet, Anbar

Al-Anbar, Iraq

Amount $ 437 228

Years 2022

Operator University of Wales and University of Baghdad, College of Engineering

Type of grant Call for projects

Like the citadels of Kirkuk and Erbil, the citadel of Heet, occupied since the 2nd millennium BCE, is a fortification with a major historical role in Iraq. It preserves traces of Sumerian, Assyrian, and Babylonian cultures, as well as features of the Abbasid and later Islamic periods.

Damaged in 2016 by the takeover of Daesh and facing years of neglect, the historic building is threatened by significant structural damage. Large sections of the citadel are collapsing and no conservation plan exists due to the long periods of conflict that have rocked Iraq in recent decades.

The project will address the most pressing emergency stabilization and prepare a comprehensive conservation and protection plan. The project will conduct research, exploration, archaeology, and engineering assessment, as well as 3D documentation. It will also provide hands-on training for a local heritage expert and create 30 local jobs.