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Protecting heritage to build peace

ALIPH is pleased to announce its third call for projects!

Online applications are now being accepted. Apply until 16 March, 2020.

In response to the massive destruction of cultural heritage, the world has decided to come together.

ALIPH is the only global fund that is solely dedicated to the protection of cultural heritage in conflict areas. To carry out this mission, the foundation finances preventive measures, emergency interventions and concrete post-conflict rehabilitation projects, all around the world.

A response to barbarism

An alliance of the willing

A private foundation with the status of an international organization

A fund, and a source of scientific expertise

Local relevance: responding to needs on the ground and working with local partners

Support ranging from immediate emergency relief to large-scale rehabilitation projects

A unique guiding spirit: "Action, Action, Action"

Emergency relief


Call for projects


Disappearing knowledge: Protecting Afghanistan's intangible heritage

The Mosul museum

With help from local and international partners, ALIPH is supporting the rehabilitation project of the Mosul Museum in Iraq, which was violently destroyed by Daesh in 2014.

Earthen Architecture Course

ALIPH supported the training of heritage professionals in earthen architectural methods to contribute to the preservation of earthen buildings and sites in conflicts areas.

Exhibition “Age old cities. A virtual journey from Palmyra to Mosul"

ALIPH financially contributed to the exhibition, held at the Arab World Institute, which digitally recreates the cities of Palmyra, Aleppo, Mosul and Leptis Magna.

The Tomb of Askia

In Mali, ALIPH supports the rehabilitation of the Tomb of Askia in Gao that suffered particular damage due to the ban on restoration work imposed by armed groups.

The Mar Behnam Monastery

The Mar Behnam Monastery in Khidr was destroyed by Daesh in 2015. The project, initiated by the association Fraternity in Iraq, has allowed several parts of the church and the tomb to be rehabilitated.

Our governing bodies, through their complementarity and high level of expertise, guarantee the efficiency of ALIPH.

Geneva-based ALIPH is a recently-formed international organization which hopes to play a significant role in the field of the protection of cultural heritage in conflict areas. If you wish to help contribute to safeguarding endangered cultural heritage, see our job offers.

You can support ALIPH's action by making a direct contribution. Your donation may be eligible to a tax deduction.