ALIPH brings together states and private partners who have chosen to join forces to protect heritage in danger

The Foundation Board is the decision-making body of ALIPH. It legislates the strategic orientations of the institution, its initiatives and partnerships, and selects the projects to be financed. The Chair of the Board is Dr. Thomas S. Kaplan, a US entrepreneur and philanthropist, whilst the vice-president position is rotated between His Excellency Mohamed Al Mubarak, President of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi and representative of the UAE, and Ms. Bariza Khiari, adviser to the President of the French Republic and representative of France. Other members of the Board with voting rights are representatives of contributing states and foundations, philanthropists and qualified personalities.

ALIPH is an “alliance” between several states, private partners and experts, guaranteeing a pluralistic vision. The following states, institutions and individuals have decided to come together to fund this initiative. France, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco, Luxembourg and China have provided financial support. ALIPH also benefits from the support of Switzerland and received contributions from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and philanthropists Dr. Thomas S. Kaplan and Mr. Jean-Claude Gandur. Of the USD 77.5 million in pledges, USD 60 million have already been paid out.

The Scientific Committee’s mission is to enlighten the Foundation Board on the scientific aspects relating to designing a strategy, the choice of projects and setting up scientific evaluation panels. Its Chair is Mr. Jean-Luc Martinez, President-Director of the musée du Louvre, with the rest of the committee made up of international experts in the protection of cultural heritage.

The Finance and Development Committee supports the Foundation Board with respect to the investment policy and development of ALIPH’s activities. Its Chair is Dr. Richard Kurin, with Ms. Rena DeSisto, Ms. Deborah Stolk, Mr. Saood Al Hosani and the Executive Director as members of the committee.

The Audit Committee oversees the adherence to accounting and financial standards, supervises all audit work and ensures that the Secretariat is correctly managed. Members of the committee are Mr. Rustom Kubaisi, with Mr. Jeffrey D. Plunkett J.D. and Mr. Abderrazak Zouari.

The Ethics, Governance and Remuneration Committee ensures that the Foundation adheres to accepted standards of ethics. Its chair is Mr. Jean-Claude Gandur, with Professors Markus Hilgert and Marc-André Renold as members of the committee.

The Secretariat is the operational body of ALIPH and is charged with the day-to-day management and implementation of the strategy and decisions of the Foundation Board. In particular, it organises calls for projects, negotiates and concludes financial support agreements, carries out the monitoring of projects, prepares the meetings and decisions of the Foundation Board, supports the various specialist committees and contributes to awareness raising, promotion, and fundraising.

The Secretariat is organised as a start-up and is run by Executive Director Mr. Valéry Freland, and Ms. France Desmarais, Deputy Executive Director, Scientific and Grants Director.

Chair, Dr. Thomas S. Kaplan (private donor)

Vice-Chair, H. E. Mohamed Al Mubarak (UAE)

Vice-Chair, Ms. Bariza Khiari (France)

Mr. Rustom Kubaisi (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

H.E. Hussah Al-Sabah (Kuwait)

Mr. Mehdi Qotbi (Morocco)

H.E. Martine Schommer (Luxembourg)

Mr. Wen Dayan (China)

Dr. Mariët Westermann (The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation)

Mr. Jean Claude Gandur (private donor)

Dr. Richard Kurin (qualified personality)

Prof. Dr. Markus Hilgert (qualified personality)

Prof. Marc-André Renold (Switzerland)

Mr. Ernesto Ottone Ramirez (UNESCO)

Mr. Jean-Luc Martinez (Chair of the Scientific Committee)

Mr. Valéry Freland (Executive Director)

Chair, Mr. Jean-Luc Martinez (France)

Mr. Mounir Bouchenaki (Algeria)

Mr. Joshua David (United States of America)

Dr. Qaees Hussein Rasheed Al-Magases (Iraq)

Mr. Samuel Sidibe (Mali)

Ms. Bahija Simou (Morocco)

Mr. Wang Chunfa (China)

Mr. Valéry Freland, Executive Director

Mr. Laurent Oster, Finance and Administration Officer

Mr. Andrea Balbo, Project Manager

Ms. Alexandra Fiebig, Project Manager

Ms. Rosalie Gonzalez, Project Manager

Mrs Mahdia Siari, Project Manager

Ms. Laura Willis, Executive Assistant