Le monastère de Mar Behnam, Al-Khidr, Irak
The Monastery of Mar Behnam, Al-Khidr, Iraq
Joint Meeting: European Parliament's Committee on Culture and Education and the Sub-Committee on Security and Defense - with a presentation by ALIPH Executive Director Valéry Freland - 27 January 2021
Parlement européen : réunion de la Commission de la culture et de l'éducation et la Sous-commission sécurité et défense - avec une présentation de Valéry Freland, Directeur exécutif d'ALIPH - 27 janvier 2021
Week of December 14: ALIPH Flags fly on the Pont du Monc Blanc, a sign of the importance given by the City of Geneva to the protection of heritage in conflict areas. Photo (c) ALIPH - Antoine Tardy
Safeguarding cultural heritage and supporting livelihoods in crises: A video by ICCROM, ALIPH and the Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation
Beirut Blast - Four months on
Protecting cultural heritage during COVID-19: A two part series by ICCROM, ALIPH and Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation
The protection of cultural heritage - an opportunity for peace?
Factsheet | Projects funded under third call, October 2020
Fiche d'information | Projets financés dans le cadre du troisième appel, octobre 2020
2019 Annual Report
Rapport d'activité 2019
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