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ALIPH is a unique international cooperation initiative designed to meet the challenge of protecting cultural heritage in conflict and post-conflict areas

Our Manifesto

A response to barbarism

An alliance of the willing

A private foundation with the status of an international organization

A fund, and a source of scientific expertise

Local relevance: responding to needs on the ground and working with local partners

Support ranging from immediate emergency relief to large-scale rehabilitation projects

A unique guiding spirit: "Action, Action, Action"

Our Mission

ALIPH – an acronym which also designates the first letter of the Arabic alphabet – has been created to act in favour of cultural heritage in conflict areas via an aid programme which enables it to be flexible and to react quickly.

ALIPH’s three areas of intervention are: preventive protection to limit the risks of destruction, emergency measures to ensure the security of heritage, and post-conflict actions to enable local populations to once again enjoy their cultural heritage.

Our grants

As a result of the widespread destruction of monuments, museums and heritage sites in conflict areas, the President-Director of the musée du Louvre Jean-Luc Martinez published in November 2015, at the request of the President of the French Republic, Fifty proposals to protect the cultural heritage of humanity. These included the creation of an international fund to protect heritage in situations of armed conflict. On the initiative of France and the United Arab Emirates, this idea became a reality after the international conference on heritage in danger held in Abu Dhabi in December 2016, with the creation of ALIPH in March 2017. Since then, the initiative has taken a number of other countries and private partners on board.

Our governance