LIBYA - LEPTIS MAGNA (c) Hafed Walda

(c) ALIPH - David Sassine

Stupa at Shewaki (c) ACHCO

(c) ALIPH - Adonis ElHussein

Protecting heritage to build peace

LIBYA - LEPTIS MAGNA (c) Hafed Walda

Protecting heritage to build peace

At the end of February 2022, in the early hours of the war, sirens sounded in Kyiv.  At the same time, in the center of Europe, in Geneva, ALIPH was mobilized to help Ukrainian heritage and its professionals. 

And that's how our paths crossed. ALIPH, of course, was aware of the great reputation of the Khanenko collection. And the museum's teams soon learned that a young, Geneva-based foundation was able to provide rapid support for protective measures.

So, with ALIPH's support, in August 2022, the museum’s works were packed or crated and safely stored indefinitely, leaving behind only walls of desolate, empty frames. This first operation, painful but crucial, signaled the beginning of a story characterized by solidarity and friendship between the museum and ALIPH, and driven by a common objective: to safeguard a part of our shared memory.

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