Action Plan for the Protection of Heritage in Ukraine


Amount $ 5 300 000

Years 2022

Operator More than 360 heritage professionals, national authorities, and international organizations, NGOs, and civil society groups in Ukraine, Poland and the rest of Europe

project status Ongoing

Type of grant Emergency relief

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Since the early hours of the conflict in Ukraine, ALIPH has been mobilized to help protect the country's cultural heritage and heritage professionals. The Foundation quickly contacted international heritage organizations and Ukrainian authorities, and through Polish and Moldovan networks, ALIPH approached Ukrainian professionals to assess and respond to the needs from the ground. On March 7, ALIPH adopted its Ukrainian Action Plan, earmarking an initial USD 2 million for projects. Since then, it has increased the amount to USD 3 million. In June, the European Union agreed to finance part of this project for a total of EURO 2 million. In October, the Getty Foundation decided to support ALIPH Action in Ukraine with USD 1 million. This initiative is also supported by the Principality of Monaco.

ALIPH has supported 180 projects to protect museums, libraries, and archives, by financing the purchase or transport of material, such as wooden boxes, fire extinguishers, and fire blankets, in order to protect collections. The Foundation has funded the upgrade of art storage facilities and the implementation of a monitoring and analysis system for heritage sites, part of an initiative by University College London. Additionally, ALIPH is financing, and sometimes organizes, the transportation of materials with partners in Poland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, and the United Kingdom.

To date, these efforts have led to over 180 collections being safely packed and stored. Included in these collections are priceless examples of folk art, religious icons, and archaeological artifacts from the region and beyond.

ALIPH has so far disbursed more than USD 5,300,000 to support the extraordinary work of the Ukrainian people to protect their heritage.

To get more information on the ALIPH Ukraine Action plan or submit a project proposal, please reach out to,, or via ALIPH grant platform