Conservation of 13th Century Medieval Wall Paintings and Renovation of St Anthony’s Church

Deddeh, Ayyubi District, Lebanon

Amount $ 144.5K

Years 2020 - 2023

Operator Oeuvre d'Orient

Type of grant Call for projects

(c) Oeuvre d'Orient
(c) Oeuvre d'Orient

St. Anthony's Church is located in the old district “Ayubbi” in Deddeh, not far from Tripoli. The date of its construction is unknown, but the murals, representing figures of saints as well as a cross, date from the 13th century. The two communicating naves, separated by two pointed arches, are a unique feature in the church. Every year on Saint Anthony’s Day, the Christians of Deddé and some of the Muslims in the town, led by their Sheikh, meet in this church. The restoration of the murals will be implemented by a team of Italian and Lebanese conservators, restorers, architects, and archaeologists.

This project is supported by ALIPH with the financial assistance of the Principality of Monaco.