Documenting Endangered Cultural Heritage in Libya Using the Manar al-Athar Online Photo Archive


Amount $ 36 891

Years 2021

Operator University of Oxford

project status Completed

Type of grant Call for projects

Andrew Wilson- Manar al-Athar

The Manar al-Athar online photo archive at the University of Oxford provides high resolution, searchable images free of charge for teaching, research, heritage work, and publication. All images are labelled in Arabic and English.

Manar al-Athar has received nearly 4,000 photographs of the Roman sites of Apollonia, Cyrene, Leptis Magna, Ptolemais and Sabratha, as well as Tocra and Gasr Gaama, and around 1,000 slides from the UNESCO Libyan Valley Survey Project (1979- 1989).

This project will annotate and publish these images, providing an invaluable resource for research, heritage management and protection, and the wider public interested in Libyan cultural heritage.