Emergency Measures to Preserve the Church of Archangel Raphael, Old Dongola


Amount $ 15 000

Years 2022 - 2023

Operator Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw (PCMA UW), in cooperation with the National Corporation of Antiquities and Museums, Sudan (NCAM)

project status Completed

Type of grant Emergency relief


The archaeological site of Old Dongola, Sudan, is located on the Nile River, northwest of Khartoum. The city, located on the eastern bank of the river, was founded in the late 5th century, and became the capital of the medieval kingdom of Makuria. The site includes a citadel overlooking the Nile, the Monastery of St. Anthony and about ten churches, and the oldest preserved mosque in Sudan.

The Church of Archangel Raphael was discovered in 2011 and contains about 40 paintings of saints, archangels, patriarchs, and members of the kingdom's elite. Since the site has been uncovered and exposed to the exterior environment, it has been threatened by damage caused by heavy rains, leaving the priceless paintings vulnerable to destruction. The preservation efforts within this project included replacing the roof structure and installing a rainwater drainage system. This project is supported by ALIPH with the financial assistance of the Principality of Monaco.