Intangible Heritage: Collection of Testimonies on the former Jewish Community of Mosul

Mosul, Iraq

Amount $ 74 484

Years 2021 - 2023

Operator Labex Pasts in Present, University of Paris Nanterre

project status Ongoing

Type of grant Emergency relief

Labex Pasts in the Present
(c) Mosul Eye, Omar Mohammed

Mosul once had a thriving Jewish community with roots dating to the 8th century BCE. However, beginning in the second half of the 20th century, the Jewish community left due to social, political, and economic reasons.

To ensure  the preservation of the memory of the former Jewish Community of Mosul, the project involves conducting interviews with members of the Jewish community of Mosul, now living  abroad, to build a database of video documentation and oral testimonies, as well as archival materials.

This project is led by the cluster of excellence "Pasts in the Present" of the University of Paris Nanterre, a scientific and cultural program dedicated to making memories and erased heritage visible and accessible.