Preserving Intangible Heritage in Northern Iraq: Recipes, Embroidery, and Songs of Praise

Nineveh Governorate, Iraq

Amount $ 105 000

Years 2021 - 2023

Operator Abraham Path Initiative

Type of grant Call for projects

Abraham Path Initiative
(c) Abraham Path Initiative
(c) Abraham Path Initiative
(c) Abraham Path Initiative

In the Nineveh Governorate of northern Iraq, a multiplicity of cultural identities has coexisted for centuries, representing different linguistic systems, ethnic communities, shifting political structures, and religious traditions. The war and the invasion of Daesh forced several minority groups to flee their homes, threatening their culture and traditions.

To support preservation of this heritage, the project works closely with Syriac Catholic, Mandaean, and Yazidi communities living as refugees in Jordan, often awaiting resettlement to other countries. This initiative consists of organizing several workshops that focus on the traditional practice of embroidering dresses and other related crafts of the Nineveh region. It also documents the intangible heritage of these displaced communities by collecting stories, songs, and recipes.