Rehabilitation of Zahrat El Ihsan’s historical Greek Orthodox school and orphanage

Beirut, Lebanon

Amount $ 356 086

Years 2020 - 2023

Operator Œuvre d'Orient (France)

project status Ongoing

Type of grant Beirut Action Plan

(c) L'Oeuvre d'Orient
(c) L'Oeuvre d'Orient

Located on the grounds of the St. Catherine Monastery and founded in 1880, Zahrat El Ihsan is the first modern school for young girls from Beirut’s Greek Orthodox community. The educational complex, comprised of a school, orphanage, convent, and church, were damaged in the 4 August 2020 explosion. Phase 1 of the project focused on restoring walls, doors, and windows as well as repairing electrical and plumbing systems to provide schooling facilities for the students. Phase 2 includes the reconstruction of the traditional carpentry roofing to protect the building from rainwater. This project is co-funded by Œuvre d’Orient and the Hungary Helps Agency.