Restoration of the Hammam al-Mudhaffar and Conservation Guidelines for the Historic City of Ta’izz

Ta'izz, Yemen

Amount $ 440 000

Years 2021 - 2023

Operator World Monuments Fund

Type of grant Call for projects

Birgitt Pajarola, 2007

 The 13th century hammam al-Mudhaffar in the Old City of Ta’izz is one of the oldest in Yemen. In use until 2012, the hammam was an important meeting place for the community. Years of conflict have damaged the building causing its abandonment by the population of the Old City of Ta’izz. The project had a dual goal: to rehabilitate the hammam, giving on-the-job training and employment opportunities to local people, and establish conservation guidelines for the Old City of Ta’izz, which will be critical for the city's post-conflict recovery.