Restoration of Tuzla Mosque in Larnaca & St George of the Latins Church in Famagusta

Amount $ 840 336

Years 2022 - 2023

Operator United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Cyprus Office, in cooperation with the Technical Committee in Cultural Heritage of Cyprus

project status Ongoing

Type of grant Call for projects


The Tuzla Mosque, located in the old part of Larnaca, was once a medieval church built in the 12th or 13th century on the foundations of a basilica from the late classical period. Following the Ottoman conquest of 1571, the site was converted into a mosque. In Famagusta, the Church of Saint George of the Latins is the oldest Gothic architecture monument within the walled city.

The project to conserve the mosque and the church relies on the knowledge of both Greek and Turkish Cypriot conservation experts and also gives them a venue to exchange good practices. At the same time, their efforts are bolstered by other community engagement activities led by Greek and Turkish Cypriots that foreground their common heritage and promote peacebuilding. Cultural heritage preservation activities and building awareness around common heritage is an important component of the confidence building efforts by the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage of Cyprus and UNDP.

The project will provide solutions to the pathologies witnessed in both buildings, such as structural cracks and several forms of stone deterioration (loss of material, biological colonization, detachment) which are mainly due to weathering and unsuccessful restoration attempts.