Stabilization of glass artifacts at the Archaeological Museum

Beirut, Lebanon

Amount $ 25K

Years 2020 - 2021

Operator Institut National du Patrimoine (France) and the American University in Beirut (Lebanon)

Type of grant Beirut Action Plan

Founded in 1868, the Archaeological Museum of the American University in Beirut houses numerous artifacts dating from the Chalcolithic Age to the Islamic Period. While the collection was mostly spared by the 4 August 2020 blast, one vitrine in the Phoenician Gallery hosting glass artifacts was damaged. In the first phase of the project, initiated in the autumn of 2020, a glass conservator from the Institut National du Patrimoine carried out a first-aid recovery mission with museum staff. They set up an emergency conservation lab where they identified and sorted the fragments, and whenever possible, consolidated the objects. The project’s second phase, initiated in the spring of 2021, also focuses on on-the-job training of museum staff, further classification of the fragments, and conservation of priority objects to allow for their future display in the museum.