Urgent roof coverings for historical houses in Rmeil and Medawar quarters

Beirut, Lebanon

Amount $ 125.3K

Years 2020 - 2021

Operator National Heritage Foundation for the Beirut Heritage Initiative campaign (Lebanon) in cooperation with Ecole Supérieure des Affaires (ESA - Lebanon)

project status Completed for 18 houses

Type of grant Beirut Action Plan

The historical quarters of Rmeil and Medawar include 19th and 20th century houses from the Ottoman and French mandate periods. The two quarters are located close to the site of the 4 August 2020 explosion. As a result, several houses required urgent stabilization efforts, with many having fully or partially lost their roof. The Beirut Heritage Initiative (BHI) project provided temporary roof coverings (such as tarp or sheet metal) for houses identified in close cooperation with the Directorate General of Antiquities (DGA) of Lebanon.