Protecting heritage to build peace
Protecting heritage to build peace

Following the explosion of 4 August and the damage it caused to the cultural heritage in central Beirut, on 19 August the ALIPH Foundation Board announced an initial envelope of 5 million dollars to finance emergency measures to stabilize, protect, or rehabilitate the city’s cultural heritage.

The Foundation will financially support the concrete recovery of museums, libraries, historical monuments and houses, and religious buildings. The funds will be spent in line with the principles of urgency, efficiency, coordination, and compliance with assessed local needs.

Project proposals can be submitted via our Emergency Relief mechanism through the ALIPH online grant platform:

In these exceptional circumstances, the usual maximum amount for Emergency Relief Grants (75,000 USD) may be exceeded to meet urgent on-the-ground needs in Beirut.

ALIPH continues to work with international heritage organizations to assess the proposals and coordinate efforts.

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