Aliph Foundation - Protecting heritage to build peace
Protecting heritage to build peace

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Protecting heritage to build peace

At a time marked by ongoing wars and crises in too many countries, ALIPH is determinedly pursuing its commitment to protecting damaged or endangered heritage, such as it has been doing in Ukraine for the past two years. The Foundation has also released an initial envelope of USD 1 million to fund emergency measures to protect Gaza's heritage, which will be implemented as soon as possible, and without undermining the priority for delivering humanitarian aid and protecting civilians.

Against this dark backdrop, however, there are glimmers of hope: in Beirut and Mosul, on 5 and 7 March respectively, ALIPH and its partners inaugurated a total of four sites or monuments of strong architectural and social importance. These rehabilitation projects were funded and supported by ALIPH either for several months, or, in some cases, several years. Each of these initiatives has contributed to training and employing local professionals and will foster the revitalization of the cultural, educational, and social fabric of both cities.

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