LIBYA - LEPTIS MAGNA (c) Hafed Walda

(c) ALIPH - David Sassine

Stupa at Shewaki (c) ACHCO

(c) ALIPH - Adonis ElHussein

Protecting heritage to build peace

LIBYA - LEPTIS MAGNA (c) Hafed Walda

Protecting heritage to build peace

Rehabilitation plans for Iraq’s Daesh-damaged Mosul Cultural Museum to mark memory of devastating attack and its central role in rebuilding community

The launch of this restoration phase also marks the opening of the exhibition "The Mosul Cultural Museum: From Destruction to Rehabilitation".

Restoration plans for Iraq’s Mosul Cultural Museum (MCM) and its collection illustrate its importance within architectural and world history, placing the museum at the center of Mosul’s cultural and community regeneration.

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