ALIPH is committed to concrete and sustainable initiatives to protect the richness and diversity of the world’s cultural heritage

The Mosul museum

Mosul, Iraq

ALIPH is looking to provide long-term support to the symbolic and ambitious project of the rehabilitation of the Mosul museum. To help salvage this museum that was damaged by Daesh in 2014, the foundation is currently financing a necessary stage in its future rehabilitation, namely:

The implementation of immediate measures to stabilize the building and protect the collections that are being preserved outside the museum,

A preparatory study of the restauration (on-site missions, expertise etc.).

This first stage is being jointly carried out by the Smithsonian Institution and the musée du Louvre, in close collaboration with the Iraqi State Board of Antiquities and Heritage.

Name The Mosul museum

Location Mosul, Iraq

Amount 480 K $

Years 2018 - 2019

Type of grant Emergency relief

Photo: Ivan Erhel
Photo: Ivan Erhel
Photo: Ivan Erhel

The Mar Behnam Monastery

Khidr, Iraq

The Mar Behnam Monastery in Khidr, in northern Iraq – a 4th-century monument that formerly housed one of the most important Syriac libraries in the world – was destroyed by Daesh in 2015. This project, instigated by the association Fraternity in Iraq, has allowed several parts of the church and the tomb to be rebuilt. ALIPH has contributed up to USD 250,000 to the project.

Name The Mar Behnam Monastery

Location Khidr, Iraq

Amount 250 K $

Years 2018 - 2019

Type of grant Emergency relief

Before. Photo : Fraternité en Irak
After. Photo: Fraternité en Irak.